Continuous Food Drive

Help fill our grocery carts!
Trinity's continuous food drive has proved to be a tremendous success so far and has resulted in thousands of food items to be delivered to local food pantries!
Please remember the needy in our community by picking up an extra food item or two each time you visit the store. Bring these groceries with you on Sunday, and place them in one of the grocery carts located inside the entrances to Trinity.
Please help us fill the grocery carts and thank you for your continued participation to help give aid to those less fortunate than us!

What type of items should I donate?
Anything from canned goods, paper towels, soap, peanut butter, boxed dinners, deodorant, cereal and tooth paste. Check the signs posted on the grocery carts for more ideas!

Each month, groceries are delivered to the Salvation Army, Quanada and The Madonna House