Deciding About Christianity

At Trinity we realize that deciding to become a Christian is not like turning on a light switch - it takes time and a lot of nurturing. We are not expecting you to simply "turn Christian" in the middle of our worship service. Not all Christians have been Christians all their lives. While some grew up in an environment that stressed a relationship with God, others simply were not exposed to the idea of Christianity until later in life. So whatever your situation is - whether you used to be a Christian and have lost touch with God, are a Christian but need help rejuvenating your faith, or come from a non-Christian background and have no idea who God or Jesus Christ even are - take advantage of Trinity. You do not have to know every story of the Bible, memorize a bunch of religious songs ahead of time, or even have attended a church service before. There is no standard profile of a Christian - they come from all different social, ethnic and economic backgrounds. They are, however, united in their love for Jesus Christ.
If you are interested in learning more about the Christian faith, just talk to Pastor Tim or another member - we would love to hear from you!